Hyundai Assurance Program

Did anyone see the Hyundai super bowl ad? I obviously missed it since I live in Canada and am devoid of any creative advertisements whatsoever. Instead we are forced to watch promo spot after promo spot for the network’s ridiculously weak spring line-up because they couldn’t even sell the inventory. This includes hits like Corner Gas and Gary Unmarried. By the way, when did Jay Mohr become the male version of Leah Remini? He used to be a crack up. Oh yeah and how many times did they promote BNN (The Business News Network)? What could they possibly talk about all day – the price of oil is down another 2%. Even CNBC is pretty much unwatchable after 15 minutes and they have ample business in the U.S.

Anyway, back to the Hyundai Assurance program… if you lose your job within a year of purchasing a new automobile (assuming it is financed or leased) they will let you return it. What an amazing message. Something innovative in the midst of the automobile industry turmoil. How long before Detroit tries something like this? In super bowl fashion, I say the over/under is 2 years.

You can watch the commercial here:


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