Word of the Year

If I hear the word ‘bottom’ one more time I’m gonna puke. I’m certain of only two things in this world: i) I’m not certain of anything, and ii) until the pundits stop proclaiming a bottom every time we have an up day, we will not bottom. These so-called experts are so intent on being the one who actually calls the bottom, that they carelessly flaunt the word seemingly daily. It’s like the sports reporters who couldn’t wait to be the one to “break” the story on the Toronto Maple Leafs hiring of General Manager Brian Burke. Give it a rest. Tell us after it happens, then it is actually news.

Merriam-Webster’s lists their top 10 words of 2008, with bailout taking top honours. I just wish this list went on a little further so we could see how high bottom was.


4 responses to “Word of the Year

  1. i wonder why vet is #2. it’s kind of random. or i am missing something.

  2. i wonder if the sagging economy has result in cutting pet nutrition from the budget?

  3. Vet = veteran?

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