Graduating from University Debt Free… Unlikely

How much credit card debt did you have by the time you graduated or left university?

     $0-$500:                         12%
     $501-$1,000:                 15%
     $1,000-$2,500:              23%
     $2,500-$5,000:              22%
     $5,000-$10,000:            14%
     More than $10,000:        10%
     Not sure:                            3%

Zogby International was commissioned by TrueCredit to conduct an online survey of 3,631 college graduates or those who have attended some college, aged 22-40 from 7/30/08 to 8/4/08.


One response to “Graduating from University Debt Free… Unlikely

  1. A friend shared her son went to a expo at a University where credit card ‘deals’ were being offered the students–$2500 limit. “Get a hundred dollars back, when you spend a thousand in the first 30 days.” Starter rate was 27% and the first payment was due on the first of the month. You have to wonder how many miss that first payment, are late on the second and now have had their interest rate accelerated.

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