The Ultimate Embarrassment

The run that the Rays (not Devil) scored in the top of the 6th inning saved Major League Baseball from the ultimate embarrassment – backing into a world championship. Especially considering this game shouldn’t have been started in the first place given the torrential forecast.

With two outs, Carlos Pena lined an RBI single to left that scored B.J. (Bossman Jr. – his dad was the Bossman) Upton and allowed MLB to suspend the game on account of weather, rather than ending the World Series and declaring Philadelphia champs. The latter may have been the case if the Phillies were still leading 2-1 going in to the back half of the 6th, since five complete innings deem a game “official.”

This unknowingly clutch hit was the equivalent of tying the game in the 9th, down to their final strike of the season. Now we just have to wait for fairer weather in order to resume play. Which anyone in Philadelphia knows could be as far away as May.

Conversely, Fox and its title sponsors (including MasterCard), wanting to finish the Series and return to profitable programming (not quite Red Sox vs. Dodgers), are likely livid that this travesty will continue through at least another primetime broadcast.

Also, after checking out of their hotel in Philly, anticipating a get-away day back to Tampa either to wrap-up the Series or hit the links in tears, the Rays were scrambling to find rooms at midnight – the night before the possible final game of the World Series.


One response to “The Ultimate Embarrassment

  1. It’s a joke they played the game..but they also would not have let the series end after the a partial game was played.

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