Give Flaherty the Boot

A protest against the Progressive Conservative (PC) party for the upcoming October 14th Canadian Prime Minister election, had hundreds of pairs of old work boots dumped at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s campaign office in Whitby.

Flaherty is being accused of ignoring the suffering of the 6,100 laid-off workers in his own community since the Harper administration took office in January 2006.

Orchestrated by the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union, boots are also being collected in Oakville, Chatham, Oshawa, Toronto, Windsor, Ingersoll, London, Brampton and Kitchener, bearing a tag signed by the laid off worker.

CAW President Ken Lewenza stated “If there was a report card on the economy, both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty would get an F for their performance.”

While this is certainly not a political blog, I thought it pertinent as this is an economic, and further, credit related issue. I feel for the manufacturing service workers and their families who have been hit amongst the hardest by this economic downturn coupled with the relative strengthening of the Canadian dollar and rising commodity prices. You are a considered factor in the mission of Clean Slate Credit – helping financially abused individuals and families reduce their debts and save money. However, to point the finger at Harper/Flaherty may be unfounded. Not that I necessarily condone any of the aforementioned’s political agendas or actions, but let’s be clear to attribute rightful acknowledgement to a greater power.

It feels good to have a villain, someone to rally against… but even Superman himself couldn’t insulate us against the most significant economic downturn since the great depression. It’s unprecedented – the real enemy is faceless. 1 share of Ford now costs less than a gallon of gasoline and GM is very close to this level.


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