File this under: Inexplicable

The bottom 12 teams in Major League Baseball’s average road attendance were all American League.

19    Baltimore          31,653

20    Cleveland          31,026

21    Tampa Bay        30,342

22    Toronto            30,262

23    Chicago Sox       30,253

24    Oakland            29,943

25    Kansas City        29,926

26    Seattle             29,822

27    Texas              29,765

28    Minnesota          29,660

29    LA Angels          29,621

30    Detroit             29,308

Perplexed? As am I. Yes, I know the Designated Hitter is a travesty, created solely for the purpose of SportsCenter (SportsCentre in Canada) to sell more ads… yet, I can’t imagine this rule alone having such a profound effect on attendance figures nationwide. Conversely, I would gather it to increase turnout, as the ‘reasonable man’ test seems to fancy the long ball.

Perhaps, as my hombre suggested, it is correlated to the tighter divisional races in the National League? But, the disparate pursuits weren’t apparent in the first half of the season, as they had yet to materialize. And still people were going to games.

So what gives?

My only conclusion is that it must be the big, bad credit card companies flexing their financial prowess and bullying the American League. Have a look-see at the map depicting the top ten credit card issuers and their associated charter states.

Arizona (Diamondbacks)

Utah (Colorado Rockies)

South Dakota (nothing even remotely close)

Virginia (Washington Nationals)

Delaware (Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates)

New Hampshire (Boston Red Sox)

All National League Teams. Well almost. Though Boston is in the American League, they are also the top team in Average Road Attendance (38,367). I guess even the MAN can’t stop the Bo’Sox , so the theory still holds water.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


3 responses to “File this under: Inexplicable

  1. Nice…seems like a bit of a stretch but definitely an interesting angle for the CB. If you really wanna figure this out you should compare this trend over the last several years. Also wonder if the ballparks in the AL have smaller stadium capacities.


  2. Dear Brenny,

    Capacity doesn’t matter because then home attendance would be equally as bad, but that is not the case (4 of the bottom 12 are NL).

    NB: Florida, who is by far the worst draw at home (16,688), is 11th on the road (33,340).

    As far as history… the trend is obviously bad. Or maybe not. If this *is* indicative of a revolt against the DH and subsequent mitigation of strategy, then I salute you America. Kudos!

    2007 – bottom 9 AL
    2006 – bottom 7 AL
    2005 – bottom 7 AL
    2004 – bottom 3 AL
    2003 – bottom 3 AL
    2002 – bottom 1 AL
    2001 – bottom 3 NL


  3. Good point about the stadium capacities. I don’t know CB, perhaps it’s just coincidences b/c it certainly doesn’t make sense that the Padres and Reds would be in the top 8 road attendance given how bad they were this year and their lack of star power.

    ok, back to my hibachi…

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