Consider the Cycle

Do not eat leftover Indian food for breakfast before working out.

Let me tell you, it is not a good feeling. It’s akin to that sick to your stomach feeling you get after realizing that your bank is holding you hostage with interest accumulating faster than you can pay it off.

The simple answer is don’t eat (or don’t spend money), which is great in theory, but wholly ineffective as a practical application. So instead, a better suggestion would be to consider the cycle – don’t exercise so soon in the digestive cycle. Allow for enough time to pass prior to engaging in physical activity.

Similarly, you should consider the cycle when using your credit cards. If your statement closes at the end of the month, frontload significant purchases toward the beginning of the month, in order to realize the maximum grace period. This will mitigate the interest charges that accrue. Further, if you do in fact pay off your credit card in full every month, this will effectively decrease the cost of the purchase as a result of the time value of money (the longer you wait to pay for an interest-free purchase, the more time your savings has to grow). 


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